What is Law Practice Management Software?

Law practice management software is built to handle law firm clients and case records, bookkeeping and billing, deadlines, appointments and schedules, computer files and to assist with compliance regulations such as with courts electronic filing systems and document retention policies.

Because law schools do not teach lawyers the business skills to run a law office, many firms use technology to simplify the learning curve and minimize clerical blunders. The American Bar Association (ABA) has indicated that deadline and calendar related blunders account for most legal malpractice claims. Therefore, law firms need to spend on applications to avoid such claims. In fact, the ABA has a full division dedicated to law office management, of which software and related solutions are a critical part of its mission delivery. Numerous state bar associations provide discounts and help to their members for using applications. The primary function of law practice management software is to enable a law organization to function smoothly.

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